​"Loved your book, "Prairie Fire"; as a guy who played football in the Catholic League I can relate. Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it, hope you have great success with it."


Mike "Houli" Houlihan | Chicago, Illinois

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Having written for trade journals plus a screen play and 2 published short stories, Prairie Fire is his first novel.

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A former major college football player and coach, Repetto enjoys the precious time he spends in Arizona with his wife Antoinette and their family. He is a voracious reader, most recently having read Go Set a Watchman, Team of Rivals and Ken Follett’s Trilogy in addition to re-reading several favorites such as To Kill A Mockingbird, The Razor’s Edge, Travels with Charley and Michner’s The Drifters for a better perspective on these wonderful books later in life. Recently retired as a corporate recruiter, Repetto is working on a second novel and a collection of short stories.

In Chicago during the 1950’s, vacant lots were known as “Prairies’ and kids built hideouts or “Forts” where they could play.  One such Fort is the scene of an accidental deadly fire killing three young boys in 1958.  The fire was set by two high school senior football players, one the star quarterback and the other his buddy and the center.  They fled the fire scene after hearing cries for help aware that there was a witness, an incoming freshman at the same high school, a polite, intelligent, book worm. This exciting and fast moving novel exposes the pressures of winning-at-all-costs with spirited interactions between students, priests, coaches and parents. In several ways it is a saga of good versus evil.